Royal Bank of Scotland

Interest Rates and Currency Options & Hybrids

London, United Kingdom


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Global Markets Business Unit

London, United Kingdom

In 2007 ABN-AMRO was amongst the 15 largest investment banks in the world. The group was aquired on Octobre 2007 by a consortium of three banks, one of which was RBS.

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Barclays Capital

Fixed Income Risk and Pricing

London, United Kingdom


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Macrovision Corporation (Rovi Corporation)

Berkshire, Royaume Uni


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Internet Gig.com

San Francisco, California

Gig was an Internet start-up dedicated to building an infrastructure for the storage and delivery of digital content, particularly music, utilizing a hybrid centralized-distributed architecture that promised to result in a high level of QoS via a centralized streaming system with the reduced networking costs of a distributed system.

The company fell victim of the "dot com" bust in 2001.

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Nippon Telegraph & Telephone – Multimedia Communications Laboratories

Palo Alto, California


Japan’s NTT is one of the world’s largest telecommunications enterprises.

NTT MCL - Multimedia Communications Laboratories is a division of NTT America devoted to seed NTT's premier R&D efforts in the US. MCL is focusing much of its work in the areas of new internet services and next-generation intranet technologies to support business-to-business activities.

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Eclipsys Corporation

Santa Rosa, California


Eclipsys product line is a multi-tiered, database-independent set of rules-oriented clinical, financial and operational applications that provides real-time clinical decision support and emphasizes direct physician knowledge-based order entry.

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Hamilton Software

CellNet Data Systems (now Landis+Gyr)

San Carlos, California


From their old website:

"CellNet Data Systems is an industry pioneer and leading provider of low-cost telemetry services; defined as the ability to transmit and receive data for the remote monitoring and control of devices. CellNet has captured the lead in what is the fastest growing segment of the wireless communications market, providing connectivity for millions of devices in the energy industry and other Commercial Data Service markets.

CellNet networks are the largest and fastest-growing of their kind in the world, with more than three million endpoints installed and an average of more than 125,000 new devices coming online each month."

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Corel Corporation

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Corel Corporation is a very well known vendor of productivity applications, graphics and multimedia software, including amongst many others CorelDRAW! and WordPerfect.

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